Upcoming Events

  1. Dec 5 UConn Winter Riding 2022-202312:00am
  2. Dec 5 Build Quantitative Research & Evaluation Skills Online!12:00am
  3. Dec 5 Recovery Community Center Drop In Hours8:00am
  4. Dec 5 Diversity Awareness Training8:00am
  5. Dec 5 New Employee Orientation Day Two8:00am
  6. Dec 5 CPT & Pre-Completion OPT Workshop - Virtual10:00am
  7. Dec 5 Actuarial Science Seminar
    Valuation and Risk Management of Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefits by Randomization
    Peter Hieber (Lausanne)
  8. Dec 5 Husky to Hire: The Job Search11:00am

Faculty/Staff Daily Digest

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